Wine Whitter – a personal review of a few Vinho Verdes

There's a lot of snobbery in the world of wines, so I'll be honest; I'm no expert. I treat wines the way I treat art. I buy a painting if I like it, not because I 'collect' or invest. The same is true with my wines, I buy them because I want to drink them. That's it!

Mark Blezard reviews Casal Garcia
Mark Blezard on Casal Garcia

Casal Garcia

This is one of the least expensive Vinho Verdes on the market but, in my opinion, one of the most drinkable. It almost appears light blue in the glass and slightly efflorescent.

There is a slight hint of cirtus on the nose, a delicate tingle on the palate, making it a great lunchtime tipple. Perfect with fish, salad, cold meats, and even better when enjoyed outdoors on a sunny day.

Mark Blezard tastes Avelda Loureiro
Mark Blezard tries Avelda Loureiro

Aveleda Loureiro

A much more mature wine, with floral and somewhat earthy notes. Like most green wines, very light and can be enjoyed with any meal, lunch, dinner, fish or meat.

Many Aveledas, such as Quinta da Aveleda, deliver a sparkle/tingle to the palate, this one doesn't. It carries a more contemporary, traditional wine balance and nose. Known as the 'flower variety, it holds both fruity and floral notes. Very pleasant indeed, try with a Greek salad!