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  Vinho Verde  


Portuguese green wine is otherwise known as Vinho Verde which refers to wine that originates in the far north of Portugal. Vinho Verde is not a grape variety but reference to its origin, only wine from this region can carry the title of Vinho Verde.


The name means "green wine," but translates as "young wine", with some wines being released three to six months after the grapes are harvested. Oddly enough, Vinho Verde comes in many forms including red and rosé.


A Vinho Verde can also be a sparkling or even Brandy, but the most popular labels are typically light whites – that are almost green in complexion – and ever so slightly effervescent, giving a wonderful light fizz to the experience.

Experience the flavours with Mark Blezard and Iberian Green Ltd.


Quinta da Aveleda Vinho Verde by Mark Blezard

Quinta da Aveleda

One of our favorite wines, a  bright yellow with greenish reflections and wonderful floral hints. A classic Vinho Verde, animating acidity with a playful lightness. A fresh but fulfilling wine.

Quinta da Lixa Vinho Verde by Mark Blezard

Quinta da Lixa

A bright 'lemon yellow' wine by colour which does not disappoint by taste as it unfolds with aromas of citrus and juicy pears.

 Casal Garcia Vinho Verde by Mark Blezard

Casal Garcia

A wonderful light Vinho Verde which carries the classic effervescent fizz and light acidic tang to the palate. Perfect with salads, fish and afternoon dining.

Seixoso Rosé, Vinho Verde by Mark Blezard

Seixoso Rosé, Quinta da Lixa

This wonderful rosé carries fresh raspberries and cherries. It is fresh to the palate and with the traditional 'tingle' of a Vinho Verde.

Seixoso, Quinta da Lixa by Mark Blezard

Seixoso, Quinta da Lixa

This Seixoso holds the glass with a pale straw yellow and complex bouquet of white flowers, light fruits, almost  juicy like pears, and a touch of melon.

Casal Garcia Rosé Vinho Verde by Mark Blezard

Casal Garcia Rosé

A wonderful Rosé Vinho Verde from Casal Garcia. Plenty of fruity flavours with a great balance of acidity and freshness.

Portal da Calçada

Portal da Calçada, Reserve 

A wine of brilliant platinum yellow colour which, as you may expect, gives a strong floral nose. Some orange peel, pear and fresh watermelon too.

Casa de Vila Nova

Casa de Vila Nova

A classic Vinho Verde light lemon yellow. Full of citrus fruits, ripe pear and floral notes. Delightfully fresh on the palate but not short in flavour.

Casa de Vila Nova Rose by Mark Blezard

Casa de Vila Nova Rosé

This fresh wine shines with light strawberries. A fruity bouquet reveals  blackberries amongst other spring berries.



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